• We’re proud to announce 2 pieces of FREE bonus content, coming soon to Assetto Corsa on Steam as part of our next major update.

    Mazda 787B

    Back in 1991, Mazda became the first Japanese manufacturer to win the 24 hours of Le Mans, with the Mazda 787B. This Group C sports prototype weighed in at just 845kg and was capable of reaching top speeds of over 340 km/h, as well as producing 690bhp at 8000rpm, thanks to its Wankel rotary engine.

    Mazda MX-5 N/A

    Introducing the Mazda MX-5 first generation, the car which revived the classic roadster in the 90’s. Produced with a 1.6 Litre and a 1.8 Litre engine, with the latter capable of 128bhp. The modest power was more than enough to push the lightweight body to over 200 km/h.

    Stay tuned for more info on what to expect in Update v 1.13 on PC.


    Motorsport ist mein Leben hail

  • Introducing "Ready To Race", our all-new DLC for Assetto Corsa, available for PC Steam on May 18, then in the near future on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. "Ready To Race" includes ten new cars from AUDI, Lotus, McLaren, Maserati and Toyota, providing the "most wanted" models ready to race!

    Our all new RTR DLC provides a great variety of models that mix technology, power, history and design from Italy, Great Britain and Japan, resulting in a package designed to meet all your wis...hes!


    * Audi R8 LMS 2016
    * Audi R18 e-tron quattro
    * Audi TT Cup 2016
    * Audi TT VLN 2013
    * Lotus Eleven
    * Maserati MC12 GT1
    * McLaren 570S
    * McLaren P1 GTR
    * Toyota Celica ST185 Turbo
    * Toyota TS040 Hybrid

    May 18th also sees the launch of Update v 1.14 on Steam. Check out just some of the changes you can expect below...

    * Added wind algorithm
    * Added AI Aggression selection
    * More AI differences within a single lap to generate more battles
    * Added AI wing setup variations
    * New AI algorithms for understeer detection and downshifting
    * Improved Downshift Protection
    * Updated Steam statistic reader to synchronize steam achievement

    Stay tuned over the coming days for more info on these truly incredibly cars and our next major Steam update.


    Motorsport ist mein Leben hail

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